Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

Your team player leading the way

Do you want to process transactions in your team digitally, quickly, and reliably? You need a team player for that – one who leads the way. One who is reliable, knows your requirements and supports you throughout the process.

Who we are

PMG is one of the leading providers of high-security, cloud-based, cross-industry data management solutions. This includes audit-compliant exchange of information, provision of sensitive data of all sorts and integration of that data into flexible workflows. The intelligent PMG applications adapt seamlessly to all processes and requirements of the client.

In developing its products, we attach particular importance to intuitive operation. That is why several thousand users already put their trust in the PMG product family. That includes the PAVE project room and the DYVE data room. Reputable investors, insurance companies, construction firms, project developers, general contractors and planning offices form our client base. We host our clients’ data in a German data center certified to ISO-27001.

The PMG vision

The PMG team works on a cloud-only solution, a virtual space where clients can manage projects and transactions of all types worldwide and irrespective of location. With our research and development in the field of artificial intelligence, we provide you with the latest SaaS solutions with which to design your work processes more efficiently and securely.

Your contacts


Mike Riegler
Managing Director | Sales, Marketing


Stefan Finkenzeller
Managing Director | Development


Christian Betzl
General Manager | Controlling


Christine Thomas
Management Board Assistant

Our foundation: our strong partnership with CDS

Because digital transformation starts with digitization of your data, we digitize your documents in the highest quality according to your specifications in collaboration with our partner company CDS GmbH. Together we have over 20 years of experience in providing document and data management solutions. We offer you a unique full service package: from scanning the documents, through intelligent storage, to data room design and maintenance. We are by your side from start to finish – with software and services under one roof. And we emphasize the WE. We are strong together – delivering your digital transformation.


CDS GmbH was founded in 1993 and, with its 75 employees, is one of the leading full-service providers in the fields of advertising technology, digital printing, digitization, plotting and lettershop. Its headquarters and branch offices are in Munich. CDS also has a network of partners throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Founding of CDS GmbH

Our success story begins with the founding of CDS GmbH. CDS is a full-service provider of advertising technology, digital printing, digitization, plot, and letter shop. We still use our synergies to provide clients with software and services under one roof.


Development of a digital web archive

At the end of the 90s, one of the biggest clients of CDS, a leading residential building company, gave us the impetus to develop a digital web archive for digital processing of project plans. At that time, no one had ever heard of anything like project or data rooms. A high-security cloud was developed alongside this. For our clients, the added value lay above all in the fact that we had managed to cover not just the world of paper, but also the digital world. Our clients still benefit from this USP today.


First PMG project room solution

When Stefan Finkenzeller, one of our managing directors and the founder of PMG, came on board, the first project room solution was developed in-house. With his many years of experience as an information security officer (CISO) in the financial sector, the emphasis of the development was on security and ease of use of the application. Until 2009 it was distributed through CDS to well-known clients in the construction industry.


Founding of PMG Projektraum Management GmbH

To develop the software products further and raise the market profile as an innovative software company, PMG was founded in 2009.


Software for the entire real estate cycle

Through consistent development of our functions for process support in the real estate sector, we became an important market player. Our collaboration with the biggest construction companies on the market is confirmation of this. Our solutions now cover the entire real estate cycle.


The flexible cloud

Easy and intuitive use of our cloud platform and its unique modular structure make us a flexible cloud provider, not only in the real estate sector but also around M&A.



As one of the first providers of project rooms and data rooms, our cloud platform is given security certification by a recognized, external security company which confirms our high level of security.


Reputable M&A clients

Our clients now include reputable companies in the M&A field. From legal practices, M&A consultants, and banks, through to private equity investors. In addition, our platform is given “Trusted Cloud” certification by the German Federal Ministry for Business and Energy.


€35 billion managed project volume

With a managed project volume of more than €35 billion and over 30,000 satisfied users, we are now one of the leading providers of e-collaboration software and intelligent data management with the clear added value for our clients of providing a project room and data room on one platform.


Takeover of Projectline

The takeover of Projectline, a provider of project rooms with a focus on construction, was completed at the beginning of 2018. This has allowed us to secure additional expertise in the construction industry and provide Projectline’s clients with a significantly larger product range.

Many years of experience, combined with agility and innovation

We have been making our clients’ work easier with our intuitive software since 1998. But of course, we did not stop at Windows 98; instead, we have created a space for good ideas and solid, intuitive UX design. We see our software as the Swiss Army knife of software solutions: compact, intuitive, and practical.

Join our team and help us to deliver building projects throughout the world.