Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

AI support for faster processing

Working hard to simplify things.

Information management and AI as the basis for your decisions

Often the information required as the basis for decisions is incomplete or not available at all in ongoing projects. Beyond traditional document management, the aim of our information management solution is to extract the information contained in all documents in PAVE or DYVE and use that knowledge as effectively as possible. That is why we do not simply store, disseminate (exchange), and provide information; information should be channeled according to target group so that strategic decisions can be taken more quickly.

Relevant information exactly when you need it

A quality criterion for information management is that, in an ongoing project, the relevant information should reach the right person in the right format at the right time. It is not just a matter of storing and filing data, but of efficient, purposeful project management. We are working continuously on technical solutions that allow the information in a flood of documents and plans to be prepared and made available to the relevant people involved in the project. Workflows make it possible to forward documents automatically to the appropriate contact for processing. As a result, our AI engine is able not only to read the data, but also to organize and properly understand it.

Automatic detection of anomalies

We are working increasingly on solutions around AI. Through our AI engine, we are pursuing the objective of being able in future to detect anomalies in building plans or parallels in transaction documents, for example, drawing the attention of users to them and organizing documents effectively and automatically. The system can detect unusually high or low sums in the finance agreement, for instance, and warn the user. Detection of unusual changes to building plans would also be possible. In future, high failure costs could thus be avoided because of incomplete or incorrect documentation.

What our AI can do for you

Data should not simply be filed away but processed into useful information. Data should be evaluated and analyzed. Our aim is to facilitate monitoring of data, to create a kind of “dashboard” where you get an overview of all the important information at a glance. Every user and supervisor should have their attention drawn to areas where problems could occur in advance and be shown the status of all tasks.

Developed by industry experts for you

Arrange for a guided tour, during which we show you how the PAVE project room and DYVE data room can be used by you.