Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

Highly secure transaction data room

for the experts Pölsterl, von Glasenapp Partner mbB, Company for Real Estate Valuation

At a glance

Transaction type

Operational time

Lively exchange of files with simultaneously great communication needs between client and contractor.

Audit-proof implementation and logging of the entire communication and document traffic.

Briefly about the client

The independent expert office prepares neutral and impartial reports. The focus is on the valuation of investment properties for institutional customers as well as investment properties and residential properties for private individuals. Depending on the reason for the valuation, a market value appraisal or a market and mortgage lending value appraisal is prepared.

Why did the property valuation company choose PMG?

That is why DYVE.

A data room offers many practical advantages. In addition to efficient and transparent business processes, the data room must meet the highest security guidelines. “The task entails a lively exchange of files (sometimes with a very large volume of data). At the same time, there is a great need for communication between the client and the contractor. For everyone involved in the project, it is important to see at any time who has received which information and when, or when which documents have been sent from client to contractor or vice versa,” says Mr. von Glasenapp. DYVE offers an audit-proof exchange of sensitive documents, exactly who received and processed which documents and when is logged.

Q&A. Workflows. Structure.

The Q&A module and individual workflows contribute to the efficient processing and creation of analyzes, evaluations and transactions. The due diligence process runs faster because certain documents are automatically assigned to the correct contact person for review.

With many folders, a clear structure is essential. Thanks to the AI, DYVE is able to automatically assign documents to the correct folders. With configurable groups, categories and rights, users can be precisely divided and only see the documents that are relevant to them. Different release levels can also be set up for sensitive files.

Highest security level.

“We are currently working on a large project in which we have to prepare a market value appraisal for a public property owner for 66 mixed-use properties across Germany. The project runs for at least 1 year. Afterwards there will probably be re-evaluations for a further four years”, says Mr. von Glasenapp. The due diligence and transaction of sensitive data requires strict security guidelines and encryption. DYVE offers highly secure access and all data is stored in certified data centers in Germany.

„It is very easy to use and can be safely mastered by anyone, even in hectic situations, e.g. during a telephone conference with the client. DYVE is ideally suited for our analyzes, evaluations and transactions.“

Dipl.-Ing. Maximilian von Glasenapp
Experts Pölsterl, von Glasenapp Partner mbB, Company for Real Estate Valuation

Other DYVE Case Studies

Highly secure data room for ZF Friedrichshafen

“With the data hosting in German data centers, the individual assignment of user rights and the changeable process settings, the PMG data room can be optimally used for our M&A matters”

Barbara Blumenstock
M&A Cooperation ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Highly secure data exchange for Elystan Capital Partners GmbH

“It was crucial for us to set up the data room with all the documents as quickly as possible in order to enable potential buyers to start the due diligence promptly. We were able to start within three days.”

Olaf Schlüter
Managing Partner at Elystan Capital Partners GmbH

Highly secure data exchange for SHI Management GmbH

“PMG offered us the greatest flexibility and was so self-explanatory that we could involve external parties without any problems. In addition, PMG convinced us with its attractive price-performance ratio.”

Gabriele Escher
Head of Asset Management at SHI Management GmbH