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Intelligent modules „Made in Germany“

for Implenia AG

At a glance

Project volume

25,000 FILES / 34 GB
Data volume


38,000 sqm
Building area

Up-to-date and uniform information for all those involved in the construction.

The PMG project room supports a transparent and audit-proof flow of information.

Briefly about the client

Implenia AG, formerly Bilfinger Hochbau GmbH, is one of the leading companies in German building construction.

The core competence ranges from order development to planning and turnkey new construction to renovation and inventory optimization of all common types of real estate for private and public clients. In addition, control, operation and logistics complete the offer. On behalf of Kuka AG, Implenia planned and built a new development and technology center in Augsburg.

Why did Implenia AG choose PMG?

Reliable partner

Implenia’s internal guidelines stipulate the use of software for the documented, cross-company provision of construction documents. “The more people are involved in a project, the more sensible it is to rely on a project room,” reported Andreas Tiedtke, branch manager at Implenia AG.

Implenia is one of PMG’s first customers. The company was already a pilot customer at the sister company CDS GmbH and knew it as a reliable partner. When PMG and CDS managing director Mike Riegler presented the PMG project room, Implenia decided in favor of the PMG project room.


Implenia’s IT department initially had concerns about data protection, but PMG was able to convince them of its high level of security. For the cloud solution, development, hosting and support take place exclusively in Germany. The data center is ISO 27001 certified. The PMG project room bears the seal of approval “Software Made in Germany” and “Software Hosted in Germany”.

Uniform level of information

Often over 20 people from different departments and branches are already involved in a large project. “We have to ensure that everyone has the same level of information and can access the same data at the same time. That is why we have a uniform data structure for our projects. So everyone can find their way around quickly,” explained Theodor Sprick, Commercial Senior Project Manager at Implenia. Implenia also involved external partners transparently. Project room users could easily upload large files to the project room using the drag-and-drop function or as a ZIP.  “This saves time and money,” said Theodor Sprick happily.

In addition, the PMG project room automatically sent an information email to predefined distribution lists when certain plan types were set. As a result, a uniform and up-to-date information status for all parties was always guaranteed. “The PMG project room is easier to use than other project rooms that I know,” explained Maruan Akil, Technical Junior Project Manager at Implenia AG.

Plan key

In order to keep this large number of files clear, PMG created a directory structure in accordance with Implenia’s wishes. In addition, a plan key helps users to put files in the correct directory. You could only upload files that met the requirements. The project room automatically saved the files in the correct directory based on a name. In addition, users could always clearly identify the most recent file.

Audit-proof logging

The PMG project room recorded all actions in the project room in an audit-proof manner. In this way, Implenia was able to find out at any time which subcontractor had received new information and construction plans.

Archive for warranty period

After the successful completion of a construction project, Implenia used the archive mode of the project room for the warranty phase.

„The more people are involved in a project, the more sensible it is to rely on a project room. I recommend PMG's project room to our customers.“

Andreas Tiedtke
Branch manager at Implenia

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