Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

Plan and document management

Digital, intelligent and central.
PAVE project room helps you to name files correctly, store them tidily and prevent losses by means of versioning.

Plan and document key

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Defining a uniform plan and document is the basic foundation for good data management. When setting up your PAVE project room, we will be happy to advise you on suitable keys. The selected keys are then permanently integrated into the system. Our project room is designed so flexibly that there are no restrictions on the import of plan and document keys.


As soon as a file is uploaded, PAVE checks whether the file has been named correctly. Do you want a plan to be automatically filed using certain conventions? No problem! Simply upload the file – PAVE will take care of filing it neatly into the appropriate folder for you.


Smart assistance already in the upload

The intelligent file naming assistant in PAVE ensures that your files are uploaded correctly named. In a project with file naming conventions enabled, the assistant checks what type of file it is and informs you of any errors directly during the upload.

The position with the error is automatically marked and the smart wizard gives you suggestions for the correct naming of the file – directly in the upload window. A manual check with the plan key template is thus a thing of the past.


Information flow guaranteed

PAVE project room is configured in such a way that everyone involved is notified automatically when anything is uploaded. With just a few clicks, you can send files with an encrypted link, password protection and an expiry date.

As soon as another user opens or downloads the file, you can track all the steps seamlessly in the plan and document management system. PAVE thus gives you full control over your data.

Overview of the basic functions

Drag & Drop
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Windows Explorer integration
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Multi-factor authentication
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File naming convention
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File linking
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File versioning
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File naming assistant
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Audit-proof logging of all activities
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Comprehensive rights management
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Integrierter Online Viewer
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Individuelle Disclaimer
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Comprehensive search function
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Check if the printed building plans you are using are still up-to-date

You can generate plot orders directly from the PAVE system with no detours. The files are made available to your plot service provider directly from the PAVE system. This saves a lot of time and provides greater clarity thanks to central order management in PAVE.

At the same time, the printed building plans are given a QR code. If you scan this with your cell phone, PAVE will tell you automatically whether the plan is up-to-date or has been revised. Greater clarity on the construction site means fewer errors and more profitability.

Server located in Germany

with AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication

PAVE is hosted in Germany, has multiple certifications, and is designed for fast, easy handling.
You can rest assured: our employees are bound by data protection regulations (Art. 29 GDPR) and a non-disclosure obligation for your data. This way, we ensure that all data protection and compliance requirements are met.