Thanks to PAVE Transaction, you will have a smooth transition from project development and construction to transaction without having to change systems. You work with the same tool and manage your due diligence in the same user interface that you used to handle your construction management in.


Everything in hand

The PAVE project room organizes access rights via groups. All rights can be set granularly for each group. You can assign completely different rights for each folder and even each individual file. Of course, it is also possible to give (and grant) individual rights to single persons. Sensitive data that must not be viewed by third parties can be securely watermarked if desired.


Full control in the due diligence process

The release system of the PAVE project room is granularly configurable. It can be fully customized to your needs with the gatekeeper function. This allows you to define a wide variety of dependencies between the release levels. The organization of the release in groups enables you to answer questions efficiently and on time, even with larger specialist teams. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you can define question limits and make certain questions accessible to all.


Overview of all activities

PAVE provides you with all the information and evaluations regarding bidder behavior, document viewing, and frequency and timing of questions.

PAVE transaction at a glance

Fully configurable
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Bidder group management with reports
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Internal comments for better communication within the team
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Performance agreements (response times, number of questions)
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Question prioritization
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Re-routing questions to other specialists
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E-mail notifications
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Export function
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Server located in Germany

with AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication

PAVE is hosted in Germany, has multiple certifications, and is designed for fast, easy handling.
You can rest assured: our employees are bound by data protection regulations (Art. 29 GDPR) and a non-disclosure obligation for your data. This way, we ensure that all data protection and compliance requirements are met.