Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

Automatic workflows

Automate your file management workflows. With automated storage of your files and automated status messages, you have more time for what really matters.

Individual configuration

For plan test runs, invoice, and supplementary approvals

Whether it is for complex plan approval processes or invoice checks: with automatic workflows, you can map any processes in the PAVE project room. Specify exactly who is allocated to which tasks and when and what should happen to the underlying document. The workflow engine offers almost limitless possibilities for linking human and automatic work steps together and managing them effectively.

A dream for project management

Full control of all workflows

With our overview function, project managers can keep an eye on all workflows – from uploading the initial document to final processing. Those working on it can see immediately which work steps must be carried out next. Once one step has been started, it will be assigned to the colleague working on it to avoid duplication of work by other team members. Intermediate results can be saved at any time and then reopened at the same point.

If a colleague is unable to complete a work step e.g., because they are on vacation, substitute roles can be defined in the PAVE project room. Team colleagues in an organization are assigned as substitutes for one another by default.

Automatic workflows

Real efficiency is created through close interlinking with all PAVE functions.

Automatic workflows are closely integrated with plan and document management. Thus, for example, when a file is uploaded, the first step in the workflow is triggered automatically. Integration of other modules from PAVE project room is also possible, for example to send emails from the communication system, notify users on the dashboard and much more.

What PAVE can do

Overview of the basic functions

Manual or automatic launch of file uploads
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Status tracking
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Integration of almost any form fields
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Automated filing after approval
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Stay in the flow

The ad hoc task function

The procedure of a workflow must be adhered to strictly and everyone involved wants to finish their own step as quickly and efficiently as possible. But what happens if an unforeseen situation arises in the meantime? There is now an “Ad hoc task” function for this in the workflow module: you simply choose the person responsible for clarification and ask your questions directly in the workflow view.

The benefits for you and everyone else involved in the workflow

You save time and energy looking for the right person or changing to a different communication medium

Each workflow-related step is documented ready for audit

You do not have to leave the flow and you can complete your tasks even more efficiently

Server located in Germany

with AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication

PAVE is hosted in Germany, has multiple certifications, and is designed for fast, easy handling.
You can rest assured: our employees are bound by data protection regulations (Art. 29 GDPR) and a non-disclosure obligation for your data. This way, we ensure that all data protection and compliance requirements are met.

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