Critical zero-day-gap in Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) compromises numerous servers and apps. We have checked our software and services for this - our products PAVE and DYVE are NOT affected. Our customers' data is safe!

Task management

Complete your tasks quickly and clearly in PAVE, without deviating from your workflow.

Tasks completed? Check.

Task management in real time

PAVE shows you only the tasks that currently require completion, sorted by priority. Of course, you can set the filters and priority yourself and adapt them exactly to meet your needs.

You can also organize the tasks into groups for a clearer overview. Public task groups allow anyone to see the current processing status. So, if a colleague leaves unexpectedly, you can get to grips with the status quickly.

If, on the other hand, individual colleagues are overloaded, their tasks can be delegated to other project members with just a few clicks. They are notified automatically by email. Nothing gets forgotten.


We specialize in complexity

You can break down particularly complex work into subtasks very easily. They are then permanently linked to the main task. These subtasks can be set up in advance or created later by the person working on them. Visualization of the main task in turn depends on the progress on the subtasks.

Status changes

Communication is the key

If you wish, PAVE will inform all project participants automatically of any changes in the status of tasks. As a project manager, you will then always maintain an overview of the work that has been completed and you can respond more quickly if something does not go to plan. For further details, there is a link in the email that takes you directly to the task within PAVE.

Tasks are processed in PAVE according to the established status model. As soon as a task is finished, it is set to “completed”. If work is still ongoing, the status is “in progress”. You can therefore always maintain an overview of the project.

What PAVE can do

Overview of the basic functions

Private and public tasks
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Delegation of tasks
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Deadline planning
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Creation of task groups
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Server located in Germany

with AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication

PAVE is hosted in Germany, has multiple certifications, and is designed for fast, easy handling.
You can rest assured: our employees are bound by data protection regulations (Art. 29 GDPR) and a non-disclosure obligation for your data. This way, we ensure that all data protection and compliance requirements are met.

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