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Highly secure data exchange

for SHI Management GmbH

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At a glance

Transaction type

479 FILES / 2.2 GB
Data volume

Efficient flow of information during the due diligence.

Audit-proof exchange of information via the PMG data room.

Briefly about the client

SHI Management GmbH is an independent portfolio and asset manager for institutional investors with a specialist focus on the market for senior real estate.

SHI wanted to sell five nursing homes with a transaction volume of 66.8 million euros for a customer. SHI quickly found a potential buyer and prepared the due diligence. For efficient and transparent communication, SHI therefore decided to use the PMG data room.

Why did SHI Management GmbH choose PMG?

Flexible data room

After evaluating various solutions, SHI decided on the PMG data room. <em>”The PMG data room offered us the greatest flexibility and was so self-explanatory that we could integrate external parties without any problems,”</em> explained Gabriele Escher, Head of Asset Management. <em>”We were also convinced by the attractive price-performance ratio.”</em>

Fast data room setup

PMG created the structure of the data room according to the internal filing structure of SHI, so that the employees quickly found their way around. PMG supported SHI significantly in filling the data room. Some documents, such as blueprints and files from external disks, were digitized or transferred from the CDS. This allowed SHI to concentrate on the negotiations.

German high security data centers

A total of nine participating companies exchanged 479 files with a data volume of 2.2 GB via the PMG platform. As a cloud solution, the investors, lawyers, tax consultants and technicians involved were able to access the data around the clock and from anywhere. These are stored in the German, spatially separated high security centers of PMG. Multi-level security systems including virus scanners protect the files from unauthorized access. The transfer of information is always encrypted.

Automatic notifications

Those involved in the project exchanged data of any size quickly and easily via the PMG data room. If the seller posted a new document, the PMG data room automatically sent an information email with a download link to predefined mailing lists. So everyone was immediately informed about new files and could access them. The granular rights management of the PMG platform ensures that those involved only get access to files for which they are authorized.

Audit-proof logging

For the conclusion of the contract, PMG exported all files and the folder structure of the data room to external data carriers. These disks were part of the contract documents. A complete documentation of all user activities is stored on them. In this way, SHI can prove at any time which files were made available to the buyer. If necessary, SHI could quickly and factually clarify questions about missing information.

Permanent data rooms

After completing the transaction project, SHI decided to set up permanent data rooms for their 45 existing properties. More than 1 million pages with a data volume of 92 GB are currently stored in PMG’s data rooms.

When uploading a new file, the OCR recognition of the PMG data room is automatically given. Desired information is found immediately using a full-text search, even if a document has been stored in the wrong folder. The information is made available quickly and securely to the partners and tenants via information email.

„PMG offered us the greatest flexibility and was so self-explanatory that we could involve external parties without any problems. In addition, PMG convinced us with its attractive price-performance ratio.“

Gabriele Escher
Head of Asset Management at SHI Management GmbH

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