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A project room for the Premier Inn Leipzig

The perfect project management solution for Premier Inn Holding GmbH

At a glance

Construction volume

Approx. 1,400 sqm
Building area

110,000 sqm
Rental space

40 people
Project participants

Integration of all project participants such as planners, experts and executing companies as well as the topicality of plans.

With PAVE, all documents are up-to-date, errors are minimized and collaboration is optimized.

The project

The Premier Inn Hotel the Leipzig train station is the perfect starting point to explore the Saxon cultural city with the opera only a few meters away. In addition, the trade fair is in the immediate vicinity and therefore also interesting for business travelers. The hotel impresses with its modern and stylish furnishings and leaves nothing to be desired. There is even a specially built charging station for electric cars on site.

Requirements for PAVE

For the management of the construction project, the exchange of information, the delivery of plans and the planning control are the main priorities for Premier Inn Holding GmbH. “For the Premier Inn Leipzig project, we need a reliable partner on the digital side for the entire construction process, software for collaboration and the exchange of all data between those involved in the project,” says Neset Uguzoglu, Project Manager at Premier Inn Holding GmbH.

PAVE offers a clear and self-explanatory structure. Everyone involved was always up to date and thanks to the plan index there were no conflicts due to outdated documents on the construction site.


About the advantages at PMG, Mr. Uguzoglu says: “The PAVE project room supports and accompanies project planning and control in an uncomplicated way. The collaboration with PMG was very cooperative and service oriented. Our problems were addressed, and solutions were found quickly. The reliable support team at PMG should also be emphasized. “

Short information and decision-making paths between general contractor, client, project management and control as well as the individual trades are a great advantage and ensure an efficient process. Deadlines, costs and quality could be kept during the entire project phase.

The perfect starting point
to explore the Saxon cultural city

„On recommendation and based on our experience with the construction of the Premier Inn in Munich, we are also handling the Premier Inn project in Leipzig with PMG. You can rely on PMG for the entire duration of the project. The clear structure and ease of use of the project room makes working together a lot easier for us.“

Neset Uguzoglu
Project Manager at Premier Inn Holding GmbH

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