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City Quarter
MAIN YARD Frankfurt a. M.

Project development of the ORT Group

At a glance

approx. 55.000 sqm
Building area

approx. 19.000 sqm
Living space

2021 - 2025
Running time

50 Project participants
Project participants

Central platform for information exchange and central plan and document storage.

PAVE for plan, document and communication management. Simple, fast and secure exchange between all project participants.

The concept

In Frankfurt’s Allerheiligenviertel district, the sustainable and ecological MAIN YARD urban quarter is being built between Breite Gasse and Lange Straße. By 2025, around 19,000 sqm of residential space, contemporary gastronomy and retail areas, a design hotel and a two-story underground parking garage with approx. 170 parking spaces, some of which are public, are planned here.

green alley GmbH is the project company realizing the MAIN YARD project. Behind it is the ORT Group with headquarters in Frankfurt a. M. and Munich.

PAVE requirements

For the control of the construction project, the main focus is on plan and document management as well as communication for simple, fast and secure exchange between all project participants. PAVE offers a clear and intuitive interface. All parties involved are always up to date, so there are no conflicts due to outdated documents on the construction site.

“PAVE is used primarily during the planning and construction phases. By collaborating digitally on a central platform, we shorten processing times and ensure that the project is handled effectively,” says Rafael Boßler, ORT Group.


“We have high expectations of our partners in terms of data security and data protection. PMG meets all the requirements here. It was also important for us that we could continue to use the data room as an archive with complete project documentation after the project was completed,” continues Rafael Boßler.

The ORT Group has control over all information at all times and manages the document structure with the corresponding directory and access rights. Short information and decision-making paths between the general contractor, the client, project management and control, and the individual trades are a major advantage and ensure an efficient process.



A neighborhood that had fallen into oblivion in Frankfurt’s prime downtown location is finally being given its due with the MAIN YARD. A place is being created here that will change and enrich the entire neighborhood. An inspiring mix of retail, gastronomy, hotel, serviced apartments and apartments that will give the city new living space and a new zest for life. With a green soul, an alert mind and a big heart, the MAIN YARD is becoming the center of contemporary urban togetherness. And thinks of the environment. Thus, the MAIN YARD becomes the source of a new togetherness.


Sustainability has a high priority at MAIN YARD. Yet the topic is complex and multi-layered when it comes to concretizing individual measures. Connecting people and places in an intelligent, environmentally friendly and sustainable way is one of the main goals. To this end, the dedicated Thinking Workshop was set up at the ORT Group office location in Frankfurt a. M., where an active exchange of ideas regularly takes place between all project participants – from architects, planners and consultants to representatives of the city and the immediate neighborhood.

„The PAVE project room enables all project participants to exchange all information securely, quickly and easily during the planning and construction phase. Thanks to digital collaboration, everyone is always up to date. Workflows are optimized and processing times are shortened.“

Rafael Boßler
Project Manager ORT Group

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