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iCampus in the Werksviertel Munich

R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH creates commercial spaces of the future

At a glance

Project volume

50,000 sqm
Building area

110,000 sqm
Rental space

100 companies
Project participants

Integration of all project participants such as planners, appraisers, executing companies as well as tenants and their planners and consultants.

Implementation of the shell engineering with the help of an interactive Q&A process as well as the handling (checking and approval processes) of the tenant integration.

Requirements for the PAVE project room

In the iCampus project, the main focus is on handling the entire exchange of information in planning and execution – in accordance with the single point of truth principle. The PMG project room offers the ideal platform for this. R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH has control over all information at all times and manages the document structure with the associated directory and access rights. Audit-proof logging of the activities in the project room gives everyone involved the necessary security. Thanks to the continuous, cross-company exchange of information and documents, a complete construction documentation is created.


When asked about the advantages of PMG, Mr. Eulberg says: “We were particularly impressed by the constant further development of the project room regard to BIM file exchange, the provision of tenders for external users and interactive Q&A processes in engineering processes.”

In addition, R&S sees enormous added value in the interactive processes between all project participants in the event of problems and the direct availability of support.

The project

The district development is divided into several sub-projects. A representative development as well as a public space for life in the Werksviertel will create the working worlds of the future with sophisticated architecture – innovative and functional. The iCampus in the Werksviertel combines buildings with variable floor plans, flexible rental units and the most modern technical infrastructure.

PAVE supports
R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH
in following projects


The PLAZA is located in the core area of ​​the iCampus. Mixed-use areas are grouped around a green inner courtyard: hotels such as Moxy and ResidenceInn, retail offerings such as REWE, Lidl, dm, VinzenzMurr and Wimmer, a bouldering world, and open office space.

Project duration: 2015 – 2019

Architects: Chapman & Taylor, Düsseldorf

Floor area: approx. 26,000 sqm

Alpha, Beta, Gamma

The three solitary buildings offer future-proof workplace quality – flexibly usable and open to quick interaction. The generous loggias and roof terraces with a view of the Alps as well as the green open spaces on the ground floor also contribute to this. Room heights of 4 m make the loft feeling perfect.

Project duration: 2017-2022

Architects: KAAN Architects, Rotterdam with RKW Architektur +, Düsseldorf

Floor area: approx. 40.000 sqm


The Rhenania project demonstrates the connection between history and modernity. The monolithic listed RHENANIA Villa treats the transparent loft architecture with the necessary respect. Clearly structured glass facades and spacious roof terraces also define a deliberate change in style in the overall ensemble. Future-oriented building technology rounds off the concept. The working environments of the RHENANIA new building offer highly flexible and efficient office space. Variable floor plans from 400 sqm make the RHENANIA attractive for small, medium and large companies.

Rhenania Neubau

Project duration: 2017-2022

Architects: HENN Architects, Munich

Floor area: approx. 20,000 sqm

Rhenania Altbau

Project duration: 2017-2022

Architects: Landau & Kindelbacher, Munich

Floor area: approx. 1,400 sqm

„One of the greatest challenges is to link analog and digital processes. We see the PAVE project room as a solution to improve this process. Especially with a large number of project participants, we need a tool for exchanging, coordinating and approving. PMG offers the ideal overall package here.“

Moritz Eulberg
Project developer at R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH

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